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My name is Eduardo Ribeiro. I’m an anthropological linguist working on the documentation of indigenous South American languages (particularly those of the Macro-Jê stock), as well as the dialectology of (Brazilian) Portuguese.

This site provides information on my current research interests, illustrated through a few published papers, conference abstracts, and preliminary research notes.

Visitors who share similar interests, or who would like to learn additional details about my research, are strongly encouraged to contact me.

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Beyond Tupi: Mapping Indigenous Contributions to Brazilian Culture (abstract) 10 Nov 2016 00:25
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The prefix u- in Karirí (with some Macro-Jê notes) (paper) 04 Jul 2016 16:49
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Sociologia: Revista Didática e Científica (note) 22 Apr 2016 08:13
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"Tribus Gê". Map by Curt Nimuendaju (in Cartas do Sertão, organized by Thekla Hartmann, 2000, Museu Nacional de Etnologia/Assírio & Alvim, ISBN 927-37-0625-3). Nimuendaju (1883-1945) was the first to suggest that the Djeoromitxí and Arikapú languages, which form a small language family in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, were genetically related to the Jê family of Central Brazil. A recent paper, available here, corroborates this hypothesis.

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