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My name is Eduardo Ribeiro. As an anthropological linguist, I've conducted extensive field and archival research on indigenous South American languages, as well as the dialectology of Brazilian Portuguese. My research resulted in several publications and a PhD dissertation, A Grammar of Karajá (University of Chicago, 2012). I'm also the creator and one of the managers of the Curt Nimuendajú Digital Library, a peer-supported initiative offering the largest open-access collection of resources on indigenous South American cultures and languages.

I am currently a medical interpreter (Spanish ~ English) in a major hospital in the US, working with a fast-growing Spanish-speaking population which includes a number of members of indigenous groups from Mexico, Central, and South America. Although my current job does not involve academic pursuits, my experience as a linguist turns out to be rather relevant, by grounding my understanding of the challenges involved in offering culturally-sensitive, inclusive, and equitable healthcare to the Latin American diaspora. Working as an interpreter with such a diverse community also provides unique windows into cultural and linguistic practices concerning ailments and their cure, which in turn may contribute valuable insights into how to achieve better outcomes in public health initiatives.

This site provides information on some of my research interests, illustrated through a few published papers, conference abstracts, and preliminary research notes.

Visitors who share similar interests, or who would like to learn additional details about my research, are strongly encouraged to contact me.

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