moi 'primeira pessoa oblíqua'

Moi [mo'a ~mɔ'a]. pron. primeira pessoa oblíqua. In (Brazilian) Portuguese, French moi is commonly used informally, mainly in a sort of tongue-in-cheek "style." Ex.: O Jair, honesto e trabalhador? Pra cima de moi? It is generally pronounced as two syllables (that is, unlike French ['mwa]). I suspect this usage of moi can be considered as typical of female speech, an impression that seems to be corroborated by a quick internet search (look up "pra cima de moi", "para moi", etc.). Notice that diminutive moizinha 'little me (fem.)' is also common, unlike moizinhoFor an exception that may actually confirm the rule, click here. "little me (masc.)'. [For additional details, see my blog post.]

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